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Mood Board for a Monday | Port Wine & Cognac Afternoons

October 12th, 2009

Mondays can be so dreary. Revelries from Saturday night and carefree Sunday brunches recede into memory. And now that fall is here, the morning light shows only a somber cast of grey.

To help remedy a melancholy October Monday, I’m starting a weekly recurring post called “A Mood Board for Monday” to start your week off with some eye candy.

Serge Lutens’ ads for Shiseido were the first I remember being enamored of when I started looking through fashion magazines. It’s fitting that my first mood board for this blog be centered around an image that he styled. Serge Lutens was best known for his photography, makeup artistry, and art direction for his ad campaigns for Shiseido in the 1980’s.

Mood board based on Serge Lutens image.

clockwise from top left: serge lutens via peter gabor | diana frey | duet weddings | ceci new york | the image is found