Color Series | 1 | Tim Walker + Lily Cole

July 8th, 2011

I love creating mood boards. I have files and files of gorgeous imagery that I’ve bookmarked because they inspire me in some way, shape or form. These images encompass so many categories: interiors, fashion, flowers, weddings, food, art. It sometimes takes me hours to create a single mood board. At other times, images fall quickly into place based on the color story and the theme I have in mind. I have so many images that I want to use that occasionally don’t lend themselves well to a mood board. So, in an effort to make use of these images, as well as to post more content more frequently, I’m trying something new.

In addition to my mood boards, I will be posting color stories from single or duo images, as well as color stories from editorials that captivate me. I hope you find that this addition keeps this blog moving along with more content and more inspiration to capture your muse!

For my first color series, I’m posting one of my very favorite images from one of my favorite fashion photographers, Tim Walker. Tim Walker shot an amazing editorial for Vogue UK in 2005 featuring Lily Cole. The editorial itself was of course gorgeous. However, the one image that rose to the status of an iconic fashion photograph was the image below of Lily on a staircase wearing a diaphanous gown with a staggeringly ethereal train. How can anyone not fall in love with an unforgettable photo such as this!

Color board based on Tim Walker Lily Cole spiral staircase photo

| tim walker | for vogue uk 2005

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