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Mood Board | Noir et Blanc

December 30th, 2010

Happy 2011!!! Let’s start off the new year with the basics: black and white!

Mood board based on black and white, wedding, black tie

clockwise, from top left: mark lund | edvina meta | via weheartit* | frazier and wing | anna williams | anna williams | anita calero

* if anybody knows the photographer of this photo, please let me know so i can credit

Mood Board | Pure White

December 24th, 2010

I usually am drawn to photographs with color. But while going through all my files of beautiful photographs, one in particular caught my attention: a gorgeously detailed gown captured by Elizabeth Messina of an Oscar de la Renta piece (shown in the top left corner of my mood board). Elizabeth is such a master of capturing images using pure light. Her images always look so easy and timeless.

I also discovered a wonderful artisan named Maggie Austin Cake. Maggie was classically trained as a ballet dancer. She then went on to work under some of the most respected pastry chefs. Her works shows such a delicacy and grace. You can see the influence of elegance and finesse that her ballet training must have had on her.

Enjoy these pretty photos of purity and light and have a wonderful Holiday!!

Mood board based on white tones, flesh, skin, bone, pale, pretty

clockwise, from top left: elizabeth messina | maggie austin cake | maggie austin cake | dried.cranberries | steve giralt | amy atlas events

Mood Board | All That Glitters

December 10th, 2010

What’s a holiday season without some holiday glitter? Who loves shiny sparkly things? I do!!!

Mood board based on glitter, shimmer, sparkle, holiday

clockwise, from top left: patrice degrandy | chris everard | graham & greene | via we heart it

Mood Board | An Apple a Day

December 2nd, 2010

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. This board was inpired by the Granny Smith apples that I’m seeing everywhere in the supermarkets. At first glance, this palette might strike you as being too light for a fall/winter board. But the addition of a medium hued grey as well as black lend nice dark colors to a bright palette. The result is a fun and fresh color scheme!

Mood board based on granny smith apple, black, raunculus colors

clockwise, from top left: sylvia dell’ orto | day berger et mikkelsen home collection| via ffffound | eric kass funnel