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Mood Board | Blue & Yellow, Catch a Fellow…

September 27th, 2010

blue & yellow, catch a fellow…

I don’t remember the whole nursery rhyme, but I love the combination of blue, purple & yellow. There’s something so happy and so confident about these three colors together.

And just a little side note, that precious little blue flower in the corner is one of the few true blue flowers in the floral kingdom. It belongs to a group of one of my favorite flowers – poppies! It’s the Himalayan Blue Poppy, or Meconopsis Betonicifolia. Originating in the cold climes of the Himalayas…I would make a trek to the Himalayas just to see that little beauty bloom.

Mood board based on blue poppy, yellow, purple chair

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Mood Board | Field of Dreams

September 13th, 2010

she closed her eyes

and thought back to

that dusty afternoon

when the flax rustled


while the breeze caressed her throat

Mood board based on a daydreamy field, barley, flax, acorn, clover, stalk

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