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Mood Board for a Monday | Sunday Fun Day

December 21st, 2009

I’m sure many of you are looking forward to a well-deserved vacation this weekend. Here’s a board that will hopefully capture what some of you will be doing – lounging in comfy pj’s, receiving holiday cards, attending family parties, and traveling to see loved ones.

I won’t be posting until next Monday, but until then, I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays!

Mood board based on Sunday pajamas

clockwise, from top left: toast | roberta fair | ceci new york | * | femme fatale via weheartit |

* if anybody knows the photographer of this photo, please let me know so i can credit.

Mood Board for a Monday | Thank You Berry Much

December 16th, 2009

Berries were the inspiration behind this mood board. I added yellow raspberry and blackberry to give it a bold and contemporary pop of color. Those two colors alone make for a great theme. The addition of three other berry tones make for great layering. I really love the look of a grey that is almost black, but not quite. It gives this color palette a sophistication that a true black wouldn’t otherwise provide.

Mood board based on berry, yellow and black
clockwise, from top left: jenny hands | via so zealous | bloom magazine | charlotte willer |  miki duisterhof via

A Mid Week Mood Board | Hazy Shade of Winter

December 16th, 2009

Brrrrrr…it’s getting cold outside! Here’s a wintry but fun mood board that’s perfect for a December day.

Mood board based wintry colors peach, lapis, periwinkle, blue

clockwise, from to left: ellen von unwerth | mainstream suicide via we heart it | kari herer | wolfgang kleinschmidt | thoughtful day | krisatomicblog via we heart it

Mood Board for a Monday | Elsa Schiaparelli

December 14th, 2009

This mood board is inspired by Elsa Schiaparelli, who introduced shocking pink to the fashion world and subsequently, to our color vocabulary. A contemporary of Coco Chanel’s, her creations were heavily influenced by Salvador Dali. Without Elsa, I imagine all of us girly girls would still be wearing pale and neutral pinks.

I love combining hot pink with navy. It gives navy, a color that is most often thought of as very conservative, a refreshing pop of color. It makes it fashionable and stylish. It brightens up what can otherwise be a somber color. Have fun with this palette! It’s a wonderfully bold and glamorous palette for holiday parties.

Mood board based on shocking pink, midnight blue

clockwise from top left: baldovino barani | polly wreford | wolfmars | alix malka | chris everard

A Mid Week Mood Board | Black White Red

December 9th, 2009

Thought I’d continue on with the red theme and give you all a black white and red mood board!

Mood board on black, white, red, classic combination of colors

from top left: ruben toledo and ruven afanador for nordstrom | de-kay | ellen von unwerth | jenny hands | pygmeestyle |

Mood Board for a Monday | You Must Have Red My Mind

December 7th, 2009

Today I’ve decided to create a mood board around one color –  that wonderful color red.

I love seeing how color shows up in our everyday lives. In flowers, on urban walls, jewelry, clothing, makeup and accessories. I once had a photography instructor tell me, whenever you see the color red, photograph it!

Enjoy these photos and enjoy how many different shades of red we see every day. And if you happen to see red today…take a picture of it!

Mood board based on shades of red: chili, poppy, candy

top to bottom, from left to right: kijk me via weheartit | via weheartit | amy nieto | inspire please via weheartit | the cherry blossom girl via weheartit | via weheartit | etsy seller greylake | 5348 franco away