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Mood Board for a Monday | For the Love of Lilac

November 2nd, 2009

After the dark images from last week’s mood boards, I’m ready to give you all something light and romantic to feast your eyes on again.

Fall is now in full swing and Winter isn’t even here yet, but I find myself wishing for spring when I see photos as gorgeous as the ones I used in today’s mood board. I decided to live in seasonal denial (which is easy when I live in Los Angeles!) and create a theme dedicated to an old fashioned flower favorite from spring, the lilac.

Lilac is one of those colors that people either love or hate. It was very much in vogue in our grandmothers’ generation and for this reason, it can be looked at as a color that is out of date. In fashion, it is a difficult color to sell as it doesn’t always lend itself well to a wide range of skin tones.

However, I find lilac to be such a romantic color. When combined with the right dramatic accents such as teal and an almost-black grey, it becomes very fresh. A soft base color such as cream gives it a very feminine feeling.  Altogether, this is a palette that will evoke a nostalgic mood while staying current and stylish.

Try this palette on a small decor object in your home, such as an accent pillow. You will be surprised at how well you like the combination!

Mood based on violet, lavender, black & teal.

 clockwise, from top left: linda naranjo | via we heart it | reem acra* |  therese aldgard | via we heart it

* if anyone knows the photographer of this photo, please let me know so i can credit it!