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Fabulous Friday Flickr Finds for Spiderwebs!

October 30th, 2009

Happy Halloween everybody!!!

You typically see spiderwebs used as scary and spooky Halloween decor. I’ve personally always loved them. It’s fascinating when you think about how a creature as small as a spider can spin something as intricate as a web.

Enjoy these images of spiderwebs and I hope you all have a great Halloween weekend!



squirrel_bark |


theogarver |


srgurr |


mingalabayah |


janbran |


philip bouchard |


bitzcelt |


kamiekam |


darren m s |


ardumpin1 |


derek b49 |


craig johnston 1967 |

Mid Week Mood Board | Night Magic

October 28th, 2009

Continuing on some Halloween inspiration, here is a mood board full of dramatic color and dark imagery.

The top left image by fashion photographer Yelena Yemchuk inspired me to create this mood board. As with many of Yelena’s other images, it’s brooding and mysterious. I decided to create a board around colors that were dark and rich, using a deep, almost-black navy as a base color. A light and medium hue of periwinkle adds layering to the navy base color. Red and medium pink add color contrast and highlight.

How perfect is this palette for not only a Halloween occasion, but also for any other event to evoke a dramatic, rich, and moody feel.

Mood board based on red, midnight blue, and pink.

clockwise, from top left: yelena yemchuk | chris everard | thomas couderc & clement vauchez via booooooom | 77dmj | pygmeestyle via weheartit

A Mood Board for a Monday | The Freaky, The Scary and The Hairy

October 26th, 2009

Is everybody ready for Halloween? I am!

To celebrate Halloween this week, here is a scary, hairy, frightful and delightful inspiration board for you.

Even though these images are an unusual departure from my otherwise pretty and girlicious boards, I wanted to demonstrate that you can find beauty, gorgeous color combinations, and inspiration anywhere. In the freakish, in the frightening, and in the unusual.

Miuccia Prada made a name for herself with high fashion label Prada in part due to her offbeat mixing of colors and textures. She combined colors such as mustard yellows, grey browns and navy blues in ways that were eye catching and ultimately ground breaking. She gave new definition to what people could look for in color palettes and opened up a whole range of colors that would otherwise be ignored.

Beautiful images are always easy to look at because they’re appealing to the eyes. But take some time to look at things that you may otherwise not find initially appealing. You never know what may inspire you when you take the time to look.

Mood board based on unusual colors and images for Halloween.

 from top left: bloom magazine | wgsn | juan antonio capo | vincent alvarez | nicolas moulin

Fabulous Friday Flickr Finds for Birdcages!

October 23rd, 2009

I don’t own a bird, but I love birdcages. It’s been a very hot trend in interior decor this year and it’s a trend that will always be fabulous in my eyes.

I love that they can be used decoratively as accessories or functionally for storage. I particularly like how they are used in the first image, from a floral designer, as both a pretty and functional vessel for the calla lilies.

Hope you enjoy these other lovely images of how people have used them in their homes and outdoor spaces.

Happy Friday and hope you have a great weekend!


 | ken marten |


| romantic home |


| cupcake, lane collins |


 | poppins’ garden |


papier_girl |


| mypapercrane |


| freshlyfound | blog | store |


| hidden in france | blog |


 | florissantti |


suejoy70 |


angelsandfishes |


| athingforroses |

A Mid-Week Mood Board | Flesh & Skin

October 21st, 2009

I’m having so much fun creating these mood boards that I’ve decided to do another one this week.

Today’s mood board is all about sheer colors in apricots and aquas. Colors that you would see in chiffon or organdy fabric. A light grey acts as a neutral base color while a dark almost-black grey makes a great accent color.

Try this combination in your next painting or the next time you need color inspiration for a craft project – you will love how pretty and delicate it is!

Mood board based on The Lake and Stars lingerie, sheer color.

from top left:  ralf pullmans | garance dore | alexandra grablewski | the lake and stars via some notes on napkins | pigorotti | bella 185

A Mood Board for a Monday | Fall-ing into Color

October 19th, 2009

Just because the Fall season is upon us doesn’t mean that colors have to be drab and boring. I think that Fall is the perfect time to bring more color into our wardrobes, living spaces, or  parties. Color cheers us up on otherwise overcast and rainy days.

Here is a mood board that I’m excited to share: pale shades of butter and lavender that get brightened with a pop of tangerine. Warm coffee tones serve not only as neutrals, but also to keep the brights from feeling too much like spring and summer.

It’s a lively and fun palette that gives a nod to Fall in the brown color family, but takes a light skipping step away from the traditional sunflowers and pumpkins. I like my color palettes to be unusual and interesting – I hope you’ll find that they are, as well.

By the way – I must have been craving sweets when I named the colors. They’re all named after desserts!

Mood board based on orange, mauve, butter & mocha colors

clockwise, from top left:  ingehg |isharya at net-a-porter | dusan reljin | antonella arismendi | andrea hearts

Fabulous Flickr Friday Finds for Bottles!

October 16th, 2009

Welcome to the first of my Fabulous Flickr Friday Finds!

I’ll be posting some gorgeous images from Flickr every Friday based on decor and/or style themes.

Today’s post is about bottles. I love seeing all the different ways bottles are collected, displayed, and used in a various settings.

Here are some of my favorite images of bottles. Be sure to click on the links below the pictures to see more work from these Flickr users. Most of them have more incredible images to share and some even have their own blogs or shops.

Enjoy these and have a happy weekend! There will be more Fabulous Friday Flickr Finds to come!

| italian girl in georgia | blog |

| matthew topalski |

| picky picky shop |

| sam_ |

| heather bullard | blog |

| anah na uwr |

| lobster and swan |

| kathy l. harris |

| traptor |

| valentine mariner |

| the joy of | shop |

I like to pick things up off the ground

October 15th, 2009

I’m still playing around with different things I can put on top of the candle holders. These are the seeds from a sweetgum tree. The seed pods had fallen off while they were still green.

Seed pods and candlesticks

They eventually begin to dry out within a few days and turn brown. The seeds start to fall out.

The brown and empty pods are what you usually see on the sidewalks and streets.

I took this last photo because I like seeing the change of the colors from green to brown. The nook between the green and brown pods is filled with seeds and seed husks.


Mood Board for a Monday | Port Wine & Cognac Afternoons

October 12th, 2009

Mondays can be so dreary. Revelries from Saturday night and carefree Sunday brunches recede into memory. And now that fall is here, the morning light shows only a somber cast of grey.

To help remedy a melancholy October Monday, I’m starting a weekly recurring post called “A Mood Board for Monday” to start your week off with some eye candy.

Serge Lutens’ ads for Shiseido were the first I remember being enamored of when I started looking through fashion magazines. It’s fitting that my first mood board for this blog be centered around an image that he styled. Serge Lutens was best known for his photography, makeup artistry, and art direction for his ad campaigns for Shiseido in the 1980’s.

Mood board based on Serge Lutens image.

clockwise from top left: serge lutens via peter gabor | diana frey | duet weddings | ceci new york | the image is found

Vintage handkerchief love

October 10th, 2009

I love the look and workmanship of vintage linen handkerchiefs. I collected some while planning my wedding in hopes of using them.

Many of them came starched and perfectly pressed. Starch, over time, will yellow and damage the fibers. I like mine when they’ve simply been washed and allowed to air dry naturally. You can really appreciate the beauty of the natural texture of the linen fiber.

Vintage handkerchiefs detail

 After the wedding, I found that I had collected many vintage handkerchiefs. I hated the idea of having to store them without enjoying them and found some ways to display them around the house.

This is one of my favorite ways to use them – informally pinned onto the walls as artwork.

Vintage linen handkerchiefs displayed on wall

Vintage linen handkerchiefs detail

| all images, seeking the muse |

 I have very light yellow walls. But I can imagine that these would be gorgeous against a dark grey wall or even against a hot pink wall. The contrast would be stunning.

You could even frame them and have them arranged as a collection for a look that’s more finished. I personally have too many uses for them to put into a frame, but that’s just my personal preference! I’m sure there are many ways you can use them.

How have you used your vintage hankies?